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Old machine modification
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Automatic computer shearing machine

Application function

1, point, crossed in the process of automatic processing process, to achieve point, crossed machine operation, no need to work on the model point, crossed.
2, single / cotton / down clothing quilting line: all kinds of front, after the film, sleeve pieces quilted. Do Ling type, square grid and other modeling, no manual on the template point, crossed.
3, on the zipper hanging noodles: placket zipper and noodle sewing, but also various types of pocket zippers, pants placket zipper and so on.
4, stickers directly tangent patch pockets, free hot stickers, etc., no need to manually point.
5, do cuffs Koufu, bag cover, shoulder trip, waist trip, placket, etc., can be in the same mold on the continuous processing of a number of related pieces, without manual crossed the model.
6, to do collar, collar: all kinds of men and women in the production and lead the collar process. 7, fancy modeling line sewing: round, oval, S-type, angle and other types of fancy line sewing. Far mo
re than manual sewing speed, higher quality.
8, patch embroidery: all kinds of patch embroidery, such as paste round logo, etc., no need to manually cross the model line.
9, nail buckle all kinds of buttons, fancy deduction, etc., without artificial point.
10, keyhole: a variety of sizes of flat headhole, no manual point.
11, set a variety of specifications of the size of the nest reinforcement.
12,0.15 above tangent: blanket tangent, patchwork tangent, cut tangent, etc. 0 15 or more tangent.
13, income province province, pants province and so on

Comparison of Basic Performance of Sanan Automatic Formwork Machine and Traditional Computer Flat Car

classificationAutomatic sewing equipmentOrdinary computer flat car
Artificial contrastThe quality of personnelDo not need clothing skilled workersMust be a skilled worker
Staff remunerationPay in 3000-5000 or soPay in the 4000-10000 yuan or so
staff trainingTraining 10 minutes can be postsTraining for a month, generally only to complete some basic patchwork and other production processes
Difficulty in recruitmentNon-skilled jobs, recruitment is easy, immediately to postsTechnical trades, the proportion of high loss, recruitment is not easy
Efficiency comparisonEfficiency comparison1 more than one machine at the same time operation1 person a machine operation
Typography contrastPipeline can be early, middle and late shift operationPipeline can only extend the working hours of overtime operation
Simplify the processThe same part of the multi-process can operate at the same timeOnly by the requirements of a step by step public service requirements
Functional comparisonLarge operating space, 2800 rpm measured speed, the bottom line of intelligent detectionSmall operating space, no side of the bottom line intelligent detection
Quality comparisonQuality comparisonProcessing quality has always maintained a stable levelBy the operator technical ability, mood, environment and other aspects of the impact of quality instability


Application solution

1, garment manufacturing automation overall application solution Applicable scope down jacket, cotton, casual suits, jackets, dresses, shirts, pants and other types of woven garments of the automated processing and manufacturing.
2, skin leather manufacturing industry as a whole application solution Scope of leather, leather briefcase / shoulder bag / Messenger bag, wallet and other products, automated processing and manufacturing.
3, shoes and hats and other clothing accessories manufacturing overall application solutions Applicable scope shoes, hats, ties and other types of clothing accessories category of automated processing and manufacturing.
4, luggage cushion and other cloth products manufacturing overall application of the scope of application: luggage, sofa cushion, car cushion and other cloth products, automated processing and manufacturing.

Application display


Nose can lift
Automatic thread trimming;
LED lighting;
Head to provide dynamic pressure foot and fixed foot press two sets of equipment, and easy to replace;
Spindle fault detection function can effectively avoid the spindle failure caused by the phenomenon of broken bed;
With cross-border protection;
To provide two kinds of automatic return artificial origin mode, to avoid unnecessary downtime; Using a reliable industrial control system, the spindle using AC servo system, x and Y to adopt the stepper drive system;
1 through the pattern management function + can be very convenient to copy and delete the pattern file;
With a pattern browsing function, can automatically identify a variety of pattern format. The pattern can be rotated to mirror the image;
The actual power consumption of the machine is less than 1 kW;
Single head, long, single needle, multi - needle, double - line lock stitch, Spindle with upper and lower synchronous drive, nose movement using linear guide, high precision, low noise;
Piece and clear reset function, work statistics function;
Provide both forward and reverse stitching can be special treatment, and can change the length of solid joints;
Pattern trajectory search function, used to quickly locate the pattern at a point in the beginning of quilting;
Real-time display quilting state and prompt operation method;
You can use the USB flash drive to copy the other files, and support # U SB # plug;
Nose and hook atomization lubrication to make the needle rod and hook life longer;
Can be positive or reverse quilting. And provide empty, empty, threading and other buttons;
Through the set and modify the function, can be easily set and modify the frame frame;
Position translation fine tuning function. Can be m on the patchwork, such as accurate quilting;
Through the boundaries and pattern edge of the air settings, pattern graphics can be automatically scaled;
The machine head adopts hydraulic centralized oil supply device, which is simple and reliable. Stop the needle automatically stop at high, broken line detection function, broken line automatically shut down;
System testing function, can quickly detect the working status of the machine for maintenance