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Conventional quilting machine
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Double head template machine




1, 2 heads

2, computer automatic control: The AC servo system is used to drive the upper and lower spindles, which improves the running speed and sewing accuracy. A new design of lubrication system extends the service life of parts under high speed condition, reduces noise and improves the reliability of machines.



1, LED lighting:

2, 2 groups of heads

3, speed 500-3000 N/min

4,The main shaft is powered by upper and lower electric synchronous drive (The domestic listed company Estun), the nose movement adopts linear guide rail, high precision, low noise;

5, It adopts reliable industrial control system, the main shaft is powered by upper and lower electric synchronous drive (The domestic listed company Estun),X and Y adopt stepping drive system (Changzhou songyang);

6, You can copy patterns and other files using the USB flash disk. Support USB hot plug.

7,Through pattern management function, it is very convenient to copy and delete the pattern files.

8,It has the pattern browsing function, can automatically identify a variety of pattern formats, and can rotate and mirror images.

9, piece-rate and zero reset function, statistical functions;

10, Forward and reverse two solid needle distance can be treated specially, and solid stitch length can be changed;

11, Pattern track finding function can be used to quickly position at a point in the pattern figure to begin quilting.

12 Real time display quilting status and prompt operation method:

13, Forward or reverse quilting can be made with provision of air inlet, air return, threading and other buttons.

14,By setting up and modifying functions, It is convenient to set and modify the frame limit.

15, Position translation trimming function can be used to precise quilting seam:

16, through the setting of lines and patterns, fancy graphics can automatically scale;

17, The hydraulic pressure centralized oil supply device is used in the machine head, easy to use and reliable;

18,The head provided with two sets of dynamic presser foot and fixed presser foot and is easy to be replaced:

19, 2 heads, 2-pin, double locked stitch, hook;

20, the actual power consumption of the machine is under 2-kilowatt;

21, When the stop time, the needle automatically stops at high position. Broken line detection function can automatically stop when cross section line.

22, the system test function is able to quickly detect the machine working condition, used to repair:

23, spindle failure detection avoids can effectively avoid the broken bed phenomenon caused by spindle failure, which has transboundary protection function.

24, It provides an automated mode and an artificial mode to return to the origin, to avoid unnecessary downtime;

25, Automatic atomizing lubrication of head and spindle gives the needle rod and spindle a longer life.